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Pathway is the app that guides people through the process of travel — from planning to the end of the trip. In a simple and intuitive way, the app aims to enhance the quality of people's travel experience.


There are tons of resources for planning trips such as travel books, magazines, websites, and mobile apps. They provide tons of information on itineraries (sorted by theme and mood), users’ reviews, and flight ticket prices. It is now very easy to explore, collect, compare the information. Yet sometimes it could be time-consuming to plan and prepare everything. That is why some people buy a package trip that the entire itinerary is already set up by travel agents. Still, there are lots of chances that it could end up ruining their travel experience if it is not suited for them. Is there a way to save time on planning along with enhancing the quality of trip experience? So I came up with the idea of the app that helps improving travel experience — from planning to the last day of the trip — in a simple and handy way.


  • Designed itineraries
  • Search itineraries by taste
  • Navigate travel path
  • Sharing plan with friends
Sign in screen
When first launch the app, users see itinerary suggestions in home screen. As they search trip plans, the app collects history data and update home feed with personalized itineraries.
Search step 1. The first step of planning trip is setting budget goal.
Step 2. sers can set their travel timeline.
Step 3. User can search destination by selecting continent category, or by typing in search field.
Once narrowed down to one country, users can proceed to final search result or add other destinations.
Users can set multiple countries for more specific search result.
Users can set their taste and interest for their trip.
The final search result: The app suggest itineraries for the user, showing days, places and budget.
Users check detail itinerary information of each plan.
On trip: After finalize their itinary, it is ready in "On Trip" menu.
Once start, the app guides users to follow their itinerary, based on their current location. The app tracks where users visited and where they are currently traveling.
If users change their mind at certain spot and want to travel other place during their trip, they can search alternative places nearby.
The detail view of alternative place shows the distance from the original spot and how much users may spend more/less.
The map view shows trip path visualy. If users get lost and out of the path, the app automatically corrects route to help them find the way.
Favorites: Users can share itinerary with friends for feedback, or for group travel.
In shared itinerary invited users can leave comments and share their thoughts.

Flow diagram

Low-fidelity sketch & Usability test


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