Pathway App

UX/UI | Mobile App design

Pathway is the app that guides people through the overall process of travel — from planning to the end of the trip. In a simple and intuitive way, the app aims to enhance the quality of people's travel experience.

Log in screen
Users start planning their own trip or explore suggested pre-packaged itineraries.
The first step of planning trip is to set budget range and trip dates.
In the next step, users search the city/country directly if they know where to go, or just explore by choosing region.
When choosing one region(i.g. Europe), the app shows all countries in the continent.
The next step suggests what trip ideas&interest are in selected country.
The final search result: The app suggest itineraries for the user, showing approximate period, total budget, and review rate.
Users check the detail trip information of each itinerary.
The "On a trip" menu is to guide users when they start a trip.
The app tracks where users visited and where they are now, based on GPS location system.
When users change their mind and want to travel other place during the trip, they search alternative places nearby their current location.
When choosing an alternative spot, the app shows how much it is far from the current location and how much users may spend more/less.
Users check the travel route in a map. When they got lost, the app automatically correct the route to help them find the way.
The menu "My List" shows multiple itineraries that users saved to compare. They also share it with friends here.
Friends leave comments and share their opinion about the itinerary.
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